Thursday, 28 January 2016

Oracle VM errata released 27 Jan 2016

Oracle VM errata

Download 7.5Gig from

Get back to me if there are any issues so I can make a better one.

Should have told people:

(I am a developer on (sqlcl/sqldeveloper) user of (Oracle Database/jdbc/java/Oracle Linux/bash) so my biases are in that order) 

Introduction to Oracle Database? Not used them myself but...
(TODO: Need to check links from outside Oracle)
Oracle doc - Oracle Database Concepts - 
high level and useful view of the Oracle Database.

Oracle doc was reorganized to include
2 day dba
2 day developer

Fancy new database stuff in Oracle Database 12c:
multitenant - pluggable databases.
32k varchar2
in memory option

1/(Oracle software: database (i.e. patched as of October/November) (APEX/ORDS/sqldev/sqlcl/modeller/labs) - as of Christmas 2015 (or later) Oracle Linux as of November ).

2/Check the licensing (I am not a lawyer...)

3/Oracle Linux 7.1 - you might be able to (put a proxy in /etc/yum.conf if necessary) and yum update -> Oracle Linux 7.2. I had to remove some old kernels so they would not break the update to 7.2 - I think they are removed in the final VM so you should not have kernel issues.

4/Virtualbox extras - 4.0.30 - you might be able to updated to 5.x (i.e. dependencies - kernel headers installed)
4.0.30 should work - with warnings - in 5.

5/Defaults to 2GigRAM/1CPU - that is the bare minimum - update possible on import or settings after import. 

6/It port forwards from the host so:
sqlplus system/oracle@localhost:1521/orcl12c
sqlplus system/oracle@localhost:1521/orcl
should work on host (if you have sqlplus installed)  or guest - to connect to the guest database

7/Other new new stuff: sqlcl [startup script sql] 11 meg download (requires java) acts sort of like sqlplus 

(Download or run from guest:)
sql system/oracle@localhost:1521/orcl12c
sql system/oracle@localhost:1521/orcl

8/ If you are not familiar with Oracle:
Example sql to confirm connection:
select 1 from dual;
[dual is a fake 1 row table in Oracle].

9/Sqldeveloper home:


10/Other Oracle Database downloads (check the licenses) 
- other VMs
- full Oracle Database
- Oracle database XE 11,2 (Easy install/'Cut down' 'slightly more lenient' license)
- instant client including sqlplus

11/Setup decisions:

TWO_TASK=ORCL is set in .bashrc
wrapper script ~/bin/sql - not used (further down the path)
(Other wrapper scripts are to ensure .bashrc are set for PATH/Java/Database environmental variables when for example called from icon click)
APEX 5 installed on pdb (rather than cdb)
varchar2(32k) is on
Default system connection in sqldeveloper is for pdb (pluggable database).

What can go wrong:
-VM might not start properly - looks like a timing issue on slow machine. (I can eventually ssh in but UI broken) - 'ssh oracle@localhost' in and 'sudo shutdown -r now' might help.
-Overlap of icons occasionally
-Some things missing due to desire to reduce size of VM -  for example the database creation DBCA assistant removed,
-patches applied to seed  (rather than (as seen in the documentation) not patch seed and get dba to patch new pluggable databases on creation).
-ORDS startup shutdown script will be confused with two ORDS running (1 startup ords and 1 labs ords (launched from sqldeveloper) for example).

For fancy stuff (SQLDeveloper) developer/manager blogs see:

For example: javascript and aliases in sqlcl