Thursday, 7 April 2011

SQLDeveloper 3.0 production is supplied with the thin driver
it needs version to use thick which has a few additional features over thin.

To avoid confusion with other Oracle software you can set the ORACLE_HOME in the session you start sqldeveloper in as described below:

The version mismatch is often because SQLDeveloper is trying to use the 'thick' driver and thick is not available,
thin by:
1/(uncheck Tools->preferences->Datababae->advanced->use OCI/thick driver, and
2/If necessary, set ORACLE_HOME for your cmd.exe session where sqldev is started from to where sqldeveloper is where %ORACLE_HOME%\jdbc\lib exists, (so SQLDeveloper does not try your existing ORACLE_HOME) and
3/use Connection Type TNS -> Network Alias.
4/You may need to set Tools->preferences->Datababase->advanced->Tnsname directory to the directory containing tnsnames.ora


Edit 25 Sep 2011
P.S. PATH (and LD_LIBRARY_PATH ??) settings may be needed to find the new .dll (Windows) and .so (Linux) files.

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Turloch O'Tierney said...

3/use Connection Type TNS -> Network Alias.

Should read: if you are going to use TNS type use TNS -> Network alias if you are using 'thin'