Wednesday, 24 January 2018

1/Cool stuff from Oracle (Developer Day VM related)

2/Showing off your Developer Day VM to remote users (one method only requiring ssh).

3/Do not 'yum update' 2017 Developer Day VM

1/Cool stuff from Oracle (Developer Day VM related)

Any trouble getting these working on your VM let me know. (unzip and go)
jdk-8u152-linux-x64.tar.gz (or later) (unzip in ~/java [might need to remove existing java in that directory] and go, check ~/.bashrc) - include REST JDBC - unzip and go - unzip and go (lower version already installed) (lower version already installed - but both can run on different ports/pdbs) 
- one line admin change to be  REST SQL (and REST JDBC server) note no longer prompts for sys user. (Would only have trouble running old and new if existing ORDS is installed on the CDB rather than pdb, which is not the case) existing should work (for start stop) (put in full path to new war) - initial configure/install  will change.

2/Showing off your Developer Day VM to remote users (one method only requiring ssh).

If your networking firewall etc are out of your control port 22 (ssh) probably still works.

For other people to access your VM for test / development purposes you can (obviously but I had forgotten) ssh port forwarding (for 9090 8080 8081 or 1521) - requires ssh login to host machine, for example for 1521:

Note the default is to keep the ssh login open (might have to if all else fails kill it to stop it).

1 ssh required (no sqlplus required) (login and password on host required)
// log in to host (desktop hosts IP my change)
bash-4.2$ ssh -p 22 user@___the_ip_address__
[need password for user]
>ssh -p 2222 oracle@localhost
[password oracle]
. oraenv -- ie setup oracle environment
orcl12c -- the default environment may have several
>sql system/oracle

2: ssh required (sqlcl required) (login and password on host required)
[IN ADVANCE] ssh -L 1521:localhost:1521 user@__the_ip_address__
[need password for user]
On your own machine using sqlcl sqlplus sqldeveloper etc locally and your local 1521 port: (port forward from a different port if that is in use)

sql system/oracle@localhost:1521/orcl

3/Do not 'yum update' 2017 Developer Day VM

Warning do not 'yum update' a 2017 developer day VM (if you do you will upgrade to Oracle Linux 7.4 and you guest desktop will not resize by mouse action (you can still resize by command line))


Turloch O'Tierney said...

If you want 'yum update' to work you need to fork and remove nomodeset (its put in by sed in a shell script(1)), use java at least 152 for sqldeveloper on linux
Official GitHub:
(Note latest ords - does not prompt for sys - so the install/expect needs to be altered).

(1) ie
#fix for intermittant java/sqldeveloper cursor copy issue
cat /etc/default/grub| sed 's/^\(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="[^"]*\)/\1 nomodeset/g' > /tmp/xx
cp /tmp/xx /etc/default/grub

Turloch O'Tierney said...
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Turloch O'Tierney said...

To get Oracle Linux 7.4 (i.e. yum update) working

1 /etc/default/grub could be altered in the current 2017 vm - have not confirmed removing ' nomodeset' is enough - it might be cached somewhere.
2 java updated 1.8_152 at least
3 virtualbox 5.2.2 or above used
4 yum update (insert proxy near the top of yum.conf if needed) (1)
5 devices-> insert guest additions. -> run insert password etc (ie packages required for guest additions install already installed)
->Oracle Linux 7.4

I have not tried it (I have updated the build for the .ova internally rather than altered existing VM)
(1) Something like:
From uploads/
as root:
printf '2i\nproxy='$BUILD_WEB_PROXY'\n.\nw\nq' | ed /etc/yum.conf